At Nam Long, we put accuracy and reliability at the forefront of every project bid estimate. We are proud to announce that 95% of the projects we have done have achieved a high level of accuracy and completely met the customer's requirements.


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Nam Long experience the greatest success when we are in open communication and collaboration with all partners. By fully understanding your requirements, your goals, and the intricacies of your project, we can deliver what you want without sacrificing performance or quality, or change design. We help you outline a project that reflects your unique needs. That’s what true partners do

  • Hardworking, dedicated, open-minded.
  • Listen, modify, optimize quality performance.
  • Core goal: "customer satisfaction".

Why Build & Estimating important works?

Preconstruction & Estimate are critical to the success of an any project. We have found that getting involved early in the process is of great importance. Outlining the pre-construction phase plan gives everyone a clear understanding of project goals and requirements. Seeing the bigger picture allows Nam Long accurates and budgets for construction projects, manages costs, and finds the right contractor for the job from the very first day of construction.

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Define project goals and requirements

By getting involved early in the pre-construction process, we create a blueprint outline that gives us a clear understanding of the project's goals and requirements. With an overview, we can accurately calculate and budget the project, ensuring efficiency and success from the very beginning.


Effective cost management

Pre-construction and estimation are important factors for cost management in a construction project. At Nam Long, we use advanced estimation methods and cost assessment techniques, which help us to forecast and adjust costs accurately and efficiently. This helps the client save costs and ensures satisfaction with the end result of the project.


Finding suitable contractors

The pre-construction phase allows us to find and select the right contractor for the construction work. With our knowledge and experience, we can advise and recommend quality, reliable and capable contractors to carry out the project effectively. This ensures that your project is carried out by highly qualified people and delivers the best results.

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