installation outside the building

Professional installation and finishing for the project

With dedication and professionalism, we at Nam Long provide complete installation services outside the construction site. We ensure that each component of the steel structure is installed perfectly, fits together and meets the specifications. All structural steel components are packaged, marked and delivered to you shortly, ready for installation.

Every single component fits together perfectly. All parts of the steel structure are packed, marked, and delivered to you for us in a short time. Thanks to the materials prepared at the factories, full assembly at the job site can be quickly completed with bolts, nuts and fasteners. This ensures a fast and efficient process to deliver the final product. Our quality assurance and quality control are always available until the end to ensure that everything is perfect. And now, your product is ready.

  • Hardworking, dedicated, open-minded.
  • Listen, modify, optimize quality performance.
  • Core goal: "customer satisfaction".

installation outside the building


Quality and quality control is a top priority for us. Ensure that each step in the installation process is carried out with precision and high quality control, to ensure every finished component is perfect.

With our complete off-site installation service, your product will be ready to create a complete and impressive project.


Professional technique and installation experience

With a team of professional technicians and experienced in off-site finishing installation, we are committed to bringing precision and high perfection to every project. We use advanced engineering and modern technology to ensure that every part is installed correctly and meets the specifications.


premier reputation

We make no compromises in the quality of the work. We ensure that all parts and materials used in the finished installation meet the highest standards. The reliability of the work is our top priority, and we ensure that every job is completed on schedule and with the best quality.


Time saving and cost effective

With our professionalism and installation skills, we make the most of our time and resources to get the job done quickly and efficiently. We optimize the installation process to save time and minimize waste. This saves you money and ensures that the project is completed on time.

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Are you looking for an off-site finishing installation partner you can trust and depend on? We at Nam Long meet your needs. With a team of professional and experienced technicians, we bring precision, perfection and reliability to every project.